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Privacy policy

Sapporo Kanihonke hereby sets the Privacy Policy as listed below. To make sure your personal information is secured, we communicate our privacy and security guidelines to our employees and strictly enforce privacy safeguards within the company.

How we manage your personal information
We take safety measures to protect personal information by keeping data up to date and perform necessary measures to maintain the security system, management system and thorough employee education to prevent unauthorized access/lost/broken/leakage/falsification of information.
How we use your personal information
We use personal information to send notices to customers, reply to inquiries via email and/or mail delivery.
Disclosure to third parties
We take measures to secure your personal information and do not disclose any information to third parties unless conditions are as below:
Agreement made by customer
Disclosure required by law
How we secure personal information
We take special cautions and measures to secure and maintain accurate up to date personal information.
Reference of information
If a customer requests inquiry/update/removal of personal information, we ask for personal identification to carry out the request.
Compliance/Reconsideration of the Law and Policy
Regarding the personal information we hold, while we comply with the Japanese Law and norm, we continuously put effort in checking the policy for a better revision.
Contact us
If you have any questions/concerns about Sapporo Kanihonke’s privacy policy, please contact us through the “contact us" form.
Regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Citizens and visitors accessing from EU must be alerted that cookies are in use and agreement to the usage of Cookie is required to utilize our website.
Information via Cookie will be sent to Google Analytics.
Agreement to the usage of Cookie: Data excluding personal information will be sent to Google Analytics.
Disagreement to the usage of Cookie: Your PC will maintain the information to cookie but the data will not be sent to Google Analytics.

Gathered data will be stored for 50 months and will be automatically deleted after this date.

Cookies on our site will contain the following information:
- Agreement to provide cookie data
- Google Analytics tracking data
- Language code

Access or users in the EU area can not make reservation from this website due to privacy protection.