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Authentic Crab Cuisine

To serve you the best and highest quality, Sapporo Kanihonke takes special care in what ingredients to be used and where they are produced. We also take pride in our the cooking procedure to maintain freshness and to bring out the delicate taste of each ingredient.

Serving freshness

Sapporo Kanihonke selects crabs where the shells are clean with thick and heavy crab meat. We only serve crabs that can be served in Sashimi style.
Live Hair crabs are shipped directly to our company-owned fish tank in Tomakomai, Hokkaido. Only Crabs that are strictly selected worldwide are served at Kanihonke. Each crab is cooked at each branch to deliver the fresh and thick taste of the crab to your table.

Healthy Cooking Oil

Sapporo Kanihonke only uses the first-freshly-squeezed rapeseed oil for cooking. The rapeseed oil used at Kanihonke is a highly safe product (non-genetically modified) from Australia which is traceable and managed under strict production record. This rapeseed oil is also used to make our delicious and healthy mayonnaise (Sapporo Kanihonke Original). You may purchase this product at all Sapporo Kanihonke stores

Rapeseed oil can be squeezed 2 or 3 times and produces 40% more oil than Soybean.
The "first-freshly-squeezed oil" does not use any chemicals. It is the first pure oil squeezed from rapeseed.
Oil in general uses the so what called "unhealthy n-hexane" when being extracted and refined. Other types of oil such as soybean is also added during production.

What is "N-Hexane"?

Hexane is a petroleum solvent and is contained mainly in gasoline. N-hexane which is used for extracting oil is deodorized and removed during the purification procedure. But it artificially produces trans-fatty acid.

Regarding Trans-fatty Acid

Trans-fatty acid is known for increasing LDL (Bad) Cholesterol which causes adult disease and increases the risk of heart disease.
Animals and plants also have small amount of trans-fatty acid and our oil also contains about 0.7%.
However, artificially produced oil contains 3 to 7 times more trans-fatty acid than the oil used at Sapporo Kanihonke.
In Europe and America, the usage and selling artificially made trans-fatty acid is strictly controlled.

Antifoaming agent

General cooking oil uses small amount of antifoaming agent (silicon resin) to prevent bubbling which occurs from the use of N-hexane. The rapeseed oil used at Sapporo Kanihonke is additive-free and safe.